I’m an alcoholic, member of the Tamarac Group, and my name is Al. My sobriety date is March 2, 2004. I am gifted to serve as your District 9 Chairperson. Carry the Message Day was held on Saturday, August 12, 2017 right here at Nova. Thank you all that attended. Thomas put on a real good event with enthusiastic and informational messages given by Susan P of BCIC, Mary S from Intergroup Main Office, and our own Heather M. More from Thomas later in this meeting. We have a fun event coming up with the Spaghetti Dinner on September 9th. Who makes the best meatball? I hope to see everyone there. Joey B will tell us more about it a little later in his report. There are 2 District positions open. We are in need of a PI/CPC Chair and an Intergroup Liaison to help carry the message. If you have any interest in these positions, please talk to you sponsor, your service sponsor, and your higher power. Remember God doesn’t call the qualified God qualifies the called. Don’t be afraid to try something new as you have the whole District behind you. The next Assembly is at the Fort Lauderdale Marriott North right here in Broward County, October 6th thru the 9th. Flyers are available on the table and on the District or Area websites for printing. Also in October please remember we will be having District Elections for a few positons starting in January 2018 such as Archives, Literature, PI/CPC, Room/Ride Coordinator, Accessibilities, Support Your Services, Institutions Liaison, and Intergroup Liaison. Please give some thought and prayer to where you may be of service next year. If you are considering standing for a Committee Chair, feel free to ask the person currently in that position to see what is involved. I’d like to welcome all who are new today and encourage you all – whether you are new or seasoned veterans in service – to find an area of our District to lend a hand. We are blessed with an active and enthusiastic District here in Broward County. Planning meetings for the Gratitude Dinner and the October Assembly hosted by District 9 are still in progress and need volunteers. I’d like to personally encourage groups to volunteer at the October Assembly. We need people to help with Registration, Hospitality, and other areas. Thank you all for your understanding, participation, and support. Remember to check the District website for details on all upcoming events. Thank you all for your willingness & dedication in representing your Groups and carrying the message. See you at the Spaghetti Dinner in September.

In Unity thru Love & Service, Al K. District 9 Chairperson Area 15 Panel 67. Email: