I’m an alcoholic, member of the Tamarac Group, and my name is Al. My sobriety date is March 2, 2004. I am blessed to serve as your District 9 Chairperson. The next Assembly is at the Sarasota Hyatt January 5-7, 2018. Flyers are available on the table as well as the Area Agenda with motions to bring back to your groups for discussion. Flyers and agendas are also available on the District or Area websites for printing. Just remember you are not being responsible if you don’t attend and give your group a voice.

Our Support your Services Chair Joey B is preparing for the Winterfest Event that includes you guessed it “Spaghetti & Meatballs & Ice Cream”. Don’t worry the meatballs are fresh. Ha Ha. If you would like to be involved in Support Your Services Joey is looking for a Secretary/Treasurer/Co-Chair. Briefly, please get the word out that (1) anyone who purchased a ticket to the Spaghetti Dinner will have that ticket honored at the Winterfest Event with our appreciation or (2) anyone who has a ticket and wants to have their money refunded just needs to present the ticket to Joey our Support your Services Chair before the Winterfest event being held on December 2, 2017.

Early Timers was hosted by the Archive Committee on October 21st and we had 3 great speakers that shared their experience, strength and hope. I would be remiss if I didn’t say that I was somewhat disappointed in the lack of attendance of District Trusted Servants as well as GSRs. This was a wonderful opportunity for ACMs, DCMs, and Standing Committee members to work one on one, face to face with GSRs and Alternate GSRs and to show by example and encourage participation in District Events. It takes every single one of you to help the District Carry the Message. No handful of members can do this alone. I say this with love for you continued sobriety and pray for continued support.

The Gratitude Dinner on November 10th was nothing short of amazing as our Speaker El N Past Southeast Regional Trustee from South Carolina was super and the food was wonderful. Thank you Sherri D and the Gratitude Dinner Committee for putting on a stellar performance. More will be revealed on these events later in the meeting.

The District is in need of dedicated responsible individuals to fulfill the positions of Website, Intergroup Liaison, Support Your Services, and Carry the Message Day. I am also looking for a past or present ACM/DCM to be the GSR Workshop Coordinator starting in January. If you would like to submit your name for this position to help mentor new minds in General Service please contact me for consideration.

I’d like to welcome all those who are new today and encourage you all – whether you are new or experienced veterans in service – to find an area of service you may like in our District and lend a hand. Thank you all for your understanding, participation, and support.

Speaking about Website I would like to thank our Web Chair Erika D who although has stepped down has continued to dedicate her time and also our Website Tech Guru Eric P who transparently migrated the website from Go Daddy to Dreamhost our new web hosting service. This included creating all new email accounts and moving messages over from one account to another. Thank you for the many sleepless hours and the job you did was nothing short of incredible. Eric will be available a little later to answer and questions you may have.

Remember to check the District website for details on all upcoming events. Thank you all for your willingness & dedication in representing your Groups and carrying the message.

Kindest regards in Unity thru Love & Service,
Al K. District 9 Chairperson Area 15 Panel 67.