I’m an alcoholic, member of the Tamarac Group, and my name is Al. My sobriety date is March 2, 2004. I am blessed to serve as your District 9 Chairperson. First and foremost is that I received an Email from our Delegate Annie C. who has informed us that the Manuscript Litigation had been dropped citing it not to be in our best interest. A copy of the letter is on the table for your review so you can inform your groups that A.A.W.S. has applied to the New York State Supreme Court to voluntarily dismiss its case.

The next Assembly is at the Sarasota Hyatt January 5-7, 2018. Flyers are available on the table as well as the Area Agenda with motions to bring back to your groups for discussion. Flyers and agendas are also available on the District or Area websites for printing. Please attend and give your group a voice.

The Winterfest Event which included “Spaghetti & Meatballs & Ice Cream” was delicious with a lovely mix of Holiday Music, contemporary music and an inspiring speaker. Thanks James K for being our speaker. Thank you Joey and your Support your Services Committee for putting on a fun event. More from Joey later in the meeting. Our attendance of District Trusted Servants was stellar with 2 Past Delegates in attendance. GSRs, we could use more participation as there were trays of Meatballs and Spaghetti left over. It was an ideal setting to get to know your ACM/DCM/Committee Chairs and Officers. I’m sure your ACM/DCMs will reach out to you to get involved. We had excellent displays from Literature, PI/CPC, Archives, and Grapevine. Even the State Convention had a table. So there was much to share and a time to grow as individuals. Now for the business at hand.

The District is in need of dedicated responsible individuals to fulfill the positions of Website, Intergroup Liaison, and Carry the Message Day. Thank you to Sharon G who stepped up and was appointed to be the 2018 GSR Workshop Coordinator starting in January. We know it will be a great year for the GSRs under her guidance. Also thanks to Joey B who stepped up for a 2nd year of Support your Services Chair. He needs a Co-Chair that is willing to learn the ropes to stand for 2019.

As always, I’d like to welcome all those who are new today and encourage you all to find an area of service you may like in our District and lend a hand. We can’t do it alone. Thank you all for your understanding, participation, and support.

Our January meeting will be taking place in Room 2103 AUDC then we will be back in the Resnick Auditorium in February. Remember to check the District for details on all upcoming events. But if things are not up to date, we can’t do a good job getting the message out without a Website Chair? Oh yes, training will be provided. Thank you all for your willingness & dedication in representing your Groups and carrying the message. Come to the GSR Workshop where you will gain an educated group conscience.

Kindest regards in Unity thru Love & Service, Al K. District 9 Chairperson Area 15 Panel 67. Email: