I’m an alcoholic, member of the Tamarac Group, and my name is Al.  My sobriety date is March 2, 2004.  I am grateful to be honored to serve as your District 9 Chairperson. The next Assembly is at the Bonaventure Resort & Spa April 6th – 8th. Flyers are available on the District website. Remember, the April Assembly is in Weston so come, get involved, and give your Group a voice and be a part of. Your participation is very important as there will be several motions on the Agenda that could affect the Assemblies and possibly the GSRs right to vote. As I mentioned in January, our Delegate Annie C will be going over the General Conference Agenda Items for you input. Spring*Fling planning is well underway so come out and join us. Milinda, our Web Chair has a surprise for you today in her report. Great job. Welcome to all those who are new today or haven’t seen us for a while. Please listen carefully to the Reports to find an area of service you may like to become a part of and lend a hand. We can’t do it alone. Thank you all for your understanding, participation, and support. Remember to check the District website for details on all upcoming events. Thank you all for your willingness & dedication in representing your Groups and carrying the message. We invite you to participate in the GSR Workshop where you will gain knowledge on how to be a valued GSR. We are one of the few Districts that have one, so please take advantage. Kindest regards in Unity thru Love & Service, Al K. District 9 Chairperson Area 15 Panel 67. Email: