I’m an alcoholic, member of the Tamarac Group, and my name is Al. My sobriety date is March 2, 2004. I am honored to serve as your District 9 Chairperson. Today we will be having an abbreviated Agenda to make time for our Delegate’s Conference Report but I assure you that all reports will be in the minutes in their entirety.

Although the Assembly at the Tampa Airport Marriott, July 6th – 8th was a long ride, the Hotel was very accommodating and the business meeting enlightening. Attendance seemed a little down as a whole from the last few Assemblies with our own District 9 having just 20 votes and District 8 right next door had 40 votes. Our participation was a little surprising so we may need to discuss it in more detail to try to determine what happened and how we can improve. Remember GSRs are the voice of their Groups and are at the top of the upside triangle so if you do not exercise your right to vote, an educated group conscience cannot be obtained for the good of your Group, the District, the Area, and AA as a whole. Everyone suffers because only a handful are making the decisions for all of us and God help us. If you would like to know the results of the Motions please contact your ACM/DCM for details. On a high note we have been awarded the October 2019 Assembly at the Boca Marriott Hotel October 4th – 6th. The Keys has not hosted an Assembly in a long time so hopefully one of their Districts may reach out to us and be willing to get involved and help. On a particular note related to the Assembly, we find that it is necessary to make it clear that GSRs who are not funded by their Home Group and request to stay in a District paid room are required to attend the Sunday Business meeting.

The Gratitude Dinner planning meeting was held on June 24th at the 4th Dimension Club. All Chair positions I believe are filled and tickets will be sold to Committee members at this month’s meeting at 441 Group (Village Plaza), 1452 N. State Road 7, in Margate on July 29th at 1:30pm. Judy will explain this process and provide more details a little later in the Gratitude Dinner Report. Planning has begun for the Spaghetti Dinner. So, at this time, I would like to formally announce to the body that our own Bobby V has agreed to step in and be the Support Your Services Chair for the remainder of the year. Thank you Bobby. Bobby V will elaborate more in his own unique manner in the report. Also, don’t forget our Carry the Message Day/Unity Breakfast to be held here at Nova on August 4th at 8:00am. If all goes well we will be unveiling a new piece of literature on “How to Get Involved in Service in General Service District 9”. It should be a fun event. Allan G will fill you in during his report.

We have our District elections in October so please pray on how you can best be of service to District 9. It’s very important that we take care of our own sick and suffering alcoholics in Broward County first and try to help them travel that Road to Recovery. We pray that GSRs are enlightened by their Higher Power to step up to ACM and stay in the District. Please get involved. The following positions will all be available; all Officer Positions, Finance, Grapevine, Institution Liaison, Intergroup Liaison, Room/Ride Coordinator, and Support Your Services. Officers, and Standing Committees such as Finance, and Grapevine are 2 year terms, all others are 1 year with the eligibility to stand for a second year. See the District Guidelines and talk to the present Committee Chair or one of your Officers for help. It would be my honor to be able to talk to you about a position. Don’t be afraid step up for a position as God does not choose the qualified in so much as God qualifies the chosen so please pray, talk to your sponsor, stand and get involved in October.

Thank you all for your understanding, participation, and support. Remember to check the District website for details on all upcoming events. Thank you all for your willingness & dedication in representing your Groups and carrying the message. See you at the event planning meetings and Carry the Message Day/Unity Breakfast event August 4th. Kindest regards in Unity thru Love & Service, Al K. District 9 Chairperson Area 15 Panel 67. Email: