Founder’s Day Picnic Statement

As some of you may know the District’s Support yours Services Chair stepped down in June. After conclusion of our financial review, at this time it is our responsibility to inform the body that there was a significant shortage in what revenue was received for deposit and what should have been deposited based on our audit of the total revenue received minus expenses. The shortage resulted in a profit to the District for the Founder’s Day Picnic of $33. As the shortage in deposits received was significant, the District Officers decided to request that the Support your Services Chair resign in the best interest of District as it was clear that the position was not being managed properly. To make things right, the Support your Services Chair at the time stated that the District would be reimbursed for those revenues not turned in for deposit.

Your Officers came to consensus that in the best interest of the individual in recovery we needed to be sensitive to their circumstances and to exercise forgiveness, patience, love, and tolerance as our Program teaches us. The Officers did not request the individual to step down from any other service position and tried to encourage other forms of service activities to help with the person’s recovery. Unfortunately, the individual eventually resigned from their other service position and left the District. Since July, we have tried to reach out to this person giving every opportunity to do the right thing, without judging.

As we are not receiving any further communication with this individual, it’s apparent that the District must close the books on this disappointing situation and must move forward. We ask that your prayers go out to this person for a good recovery, peace, and serenity.

If anyone would like more information, please see me and our Treasurer Leslie after the meeting.

Lastly, the Officers would like to thank Bobby V for his service in stepping up as interim Support your Services Chair. Great job Bobby and Committee with the Spaghetti Dinner. It was amazing.

Kindest regards in Unity thru Love & Service,

Al K

District 9 Chairperson, Area 15, Panel 67