I am an alcoholic, member of the Live Laugh Love group, my sobriety date is July 13th, 2008 and my name is Leslie.  Thank you for letting me serve as your District 9 chairperson. 

Our next Assembly will be at the Boca Raton Marriott, April 5th through 7th  which is right around the corner.  If you need to give up a room, please be sure to cancel through so that another trusted servant can get in at the group rate because there is still a waiting list.  Flyers for the Assembly are on the website.  Today we will be having an abbreviated Agenda where we only hear from some of our committees so that we can go over the General Service Conference Agenda items in preparation for our Delegate’s review at the Assembly in Boca Raton.  It is important to understand the items being discussed so that we can tell our Delegate our group conscience at the Business Meeting on Sunday, April 7th. Just a reminder, the 2019 General Service Conference Committee Agenda Items are on the password protected part of the website. Please know that all Committee reports will go in the Minutes so please be sure to get them in to our Secretary, Jackie.

I attended our Spring Fling Chili Cook Off Dinner with karaoke and speaker meeting and all I can say is I had a blast.  Thank you, Heather for a successful first event.  The chili was great, the turnout was awesome and it was all followed by a wonderful speaker.  A very big thank you to the following committees, Website, Archives, Grapevine, PI/CPC, Literature and Accessibility for bringing their displays.  It was a great show of team work and that we support each other in this wonderful journey of service and sobriety.  Plans are under way for Founders Day picnic so please stay tuned.  We will be having our first planning meeting for the October Assembly this Tuesday, March 19  and Debbie C. has all of those details. The first Gratitude Dinner planning meeting will be March 31st at the 101 Club at 1:00pm so come get on the Committee of your choice and help pick the theme of the Gratitude Dinner. More from Judy.  And Archives Old Timers Event will be May 4th and I am sure there are service opportunities there and Jessica has more on that. 

To any new trusted servants here today, welcome and please take this opportunity to get involved in any of our committees.  They need the help and we all need the service and as you can see there is something for everyone.

I am very grateful to everyone at District 9 who go above and beyond when it comes to service.  I can’t do any of this on my own.  I need everyone here, a reliance on a Power greater than myself and the love in these rooms.  And remember that the sun always shines in District 9.  In love and service, Leslie B. District 9 Chair.

If there are any questions, comments or you just want to say hi, my email is .