July 2020 Chairperson’s Report

District 9 Chairperson Report – July 19, 2020

I am an alcoholic, member of the Live Laugh Love group, my sobriety date is July 13th, 2008 and my name is Leslie.   I am humbled to be serving as the Chair for District 9.  My prayers continue to go out to all of you.  Please take care of yourselves and keep safe.  NSU is still closed and we continue to use the Zoom platform until it is safe for us to meet in person with appropriate safeguards in place.  I will be reaching out to them at the start of August to see if they have any news on reopening. Given everything going on, it will probably be a bit longer.  Last weekend, Area 15 held its first virtual Assembly.  Our very own Debbie C. worked tirelessly on the virtual part and I think it went off very well.  Our vote count on Sunday was a little lower than I like.  We had 23 voting members.  There were two motions, and both passed.  One was to increase the hourly rate for Spanish translation services and the second motion was for an Ad Hoc Technology committee which could be a very timely and necessary committee.  On June 20th, we held a great Zoom event, Carry the Message Day, How to Carry the Message in a Pandemic.  Debbie C.  and her committee did a wonderful job.  We are blessed with so much talent here at District 9.  The event was well attended and there was good information presented on how to continue our primary mission of helping the sick and suffering alcoholic.  Thank you to all the speakers.

In new business, Shirley P., our Delegate is only doing virtual presentations on the Conference she remotely attended.  We did have her scheduled for August 16th which is the same day as our district meeting.  We always do a nice luncheon and have the report but not this year.  She is doing our presentation on August 29th at 2pm.  We will, of course, send out the invitation.  If you cannot make it on August 29th, Shirley is doing a presentation on July 26th.  All of this info is posted on the Area 15 website.

Also, it is with great sadness to announce that Elizabeth is stepping down as Chair of Accessibilities.  Thank you for all your work on this committee.  We will hold elections for this position.

On a personal note, please keep Allan G., our ACM for sub-district 14, in your prayers as he is in the hospital.

If you are not getting our blasts, please contact Jackie, our Recording Secretary.  We are always sending out all kinds of good stuff and to make sure you are in our loop.

I am very grateful to everyone at District 9 who go above and beyond when it comes to service.   I need everyone here, a reliance on a Power greater than myself and the love in these rooms.  And as I said in my Area chair report, although it although it may seem dark at the moment, the sun continues to shine in District 9.  In love and service, Leslie B. District 9 chairperson.

If there are any questions, comments or you just want to say hi, my email is .