Email Update

What’s Going On

We have completed the migration from our old hosting company (GoDaddy) to our new hosting company (Dreamhost). All of the old emails that were in the inboxes were downloaded, then uploaded to the new accounts. Everything should be pretty much as it was.

Some of the major changes:

  • The web email client here is much, much better.
  • We now have IMAP service instead of POP3. This means you can create folders on the server for sorting your mail, then see those folders wherever you access your mail. You’ll have the same view from the web, from your phone, and from your computer.
  • No storage limits. Every account can hold an infinite (or as close to infinite as you’re likely to get) number of messages. (Although older messages will get moved out of your regular inbox and into a folder called “old-messages” – see below for details.)
  • Forwarding of messages has been preserved (except for AOL and Comcast addresses – see below for details).
  • All passwords have changed. For your new password, contact the District Chair or Web Chair.

Username and Password

All usernames have the format:

All of the usernames on the new server are identical to the usernames on the old server. If you were using on GoDaddy, that’s still your username here on Dreamhost.

For your password, contact the district chairperson or web chair.


Read Your Email on the Web

You can access your email here from any web browser (even on your phone/tablet):

Read Your Email on Your Phone, Tablet, or Computer

Details on how to set up your mail client are here:

Access via Your iPhone/iPad

Access via Your Android Device

Access via Anything That Speaks IMAP (which is most things)

Incoming IMAP Server

  • Server:
  • Port: 143
  • Security: STARTTLS

Outgoing SMTP Server

  • Server:
  • Port: 587
  • Security: STARTTLS

Login is required for both incoming and outgoing servers, same username/password.

Inbox Size Limits

The following limits apply to the number of messages that can be in the Inbox:

  • All messages older than 365 days will be moved out.
  • When the inbox gets to have 1,000 messages in it, everything older than the newest 1,000 will be moved out.
  • The rest will be moved to a folder named old-messages.

Issues with Gmail Forwarding

Note: It is a known issue that Gmail will not deliver an email it originally sent back to the sender. This means that trying to test the forward by sending an email from a personal Gmail account to a account which forwards back to that Gmail account may not work. Try sending to it from a different email address.

Issues with AOL, Hotmail and Comcast Forwarding

Because of anti-spam protection measures on this server, we cannot forward email to the, and domains. Forwarding from D9 accounts to those domains has been disabled.

If you need a suggestion on another email app to use, we recommend Gmail.

Microsoft Outlook Test Message

You may notice emails titled “Microsoft Outlook Test Message.” These were messages generated as tests during the migration and can be ignored.

Gap in Delivery

The files were downloaded from GoDaddy at 2:00 pm on Sunday. They were uploaded to Dreamhost at 10:00 pm on Sunday. Any messages that arrived between 2 and 10 did not get migrated to the new server.

Any Other Questions?

Contact the District Chair at or the Web Chair at .