Finance Committee


To provide to the body, in an alternative format to the Treasurer’s report, a view of the District’s budget with Year To Date (YTD) expenditures.

To provide basic information to the body for greater understanding of motions requesting funds beyond budgeted amounts so that an informed group conscience can be made.


To perform quarterly reviews of current budget and YTD expenditures thus ensuring budgets are not exceeded and that budgeted amounts will be used.

To accept requests from Standing and Special committees for monies requested over budgeted amount. Whensuch a request occurs, only two questions (from Concept XI, AA Service Manual) are to be put to the request.

1. Is this necessary and desirable now?
2. Can we afford it, all considered?


The Finance Committee will meet at a minimum once per quarter during the same months that Area 15 Assemblies are held: January, April, July, and October. A special meeting may be called to address issues that are timely and urgent. It is suggested that the Finance Chairperson attend the Area 15 Finance meeting to enhance their understanding of the relationship of finance within Alcoholics Anonymous.

The proposed budget for District 9 for an ensuing calendar year will be presented to the body by the Finance Committee no later than November of the preceding year so that such budget can be reviewed prior to voting in December of such preceding year.


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