PI/CPC Committee

About PI/CPC

Public Information
PI – The purpose of P.I. service work is to provide accurate A.A. information to the public when requested. PI committee visits schools, businesses and community meetings for this purpose.
PI committee also serves as a resource for our friends in the local media, emphasizing our Traditions of anonymity, singleness of purpose and non-affiliation, as well as offering A.A. public service announcements to radio and television stations.

Cooperation With The Professional Community
CPC – Members of these committees provide information about A.A. to those who have contact with alcoholic anonymous through their profession. This group includes Health Care professionals, educators, members of the clergy, lawyers, social workers, union leaders and industrial managers as well as those working in the field of alcoholism. Information is provided about where we are, what we are, what we can do, and what we cannot do.

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A.A. Guidelines are compiled from the shared experience of A.A. members in the various areas. They also reflect guidance given through the Twelve Traditions and the General Service Conference (U.S. and Canada). In keeping with our Tradition of Autonomy, except in matters affecting other groups or A.A. as a whole, most decisions are made by the group conscience of the members involved. The purpose of these Guidelines is to assist in reaching an informed group conscience… Read More

If You Are a Professional, A.A. Members Are Available to Cooperate with You. Health Care Professionals, Correctional Facilities Professionals, Treatment Facilities Professionals, Media and News Professionals, Employee Assistance Professionals

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