Submission Guidelines

Event Flyers

Event flyers published on the District 9 website should satisfy the following guidelines:

  • Event flyers must be reviewed and approved for publication by either the chairperson of the committee organizing the event or by the district chairperson.
  • Event flyers should be considerate of the AA Internet Guidelines (found in AA publication MG-18), in particular of the sections titled “Personal Phone Numbers in Event Flyers” and “Anonymity and Email.” Use of district, area, and other organizational email addresses and phone numbers is preferred over the use of personal ones.
  • Event flyers should be provided in PDF (Portable Document Format) to maximize readability on all devices, web browsers, and print media.
  • Event flyers should contain the following information:
    • Title
    • Description
    • Detailed agenda or schedule (if applicable)
    • Date and start/end time
    • Cost, if any (including cost for early purchase vs. day-of-event purchase)
    • Web site for information and registration (if any)
    • Location name and address (plus website, phone number, email address, and detailed driving directions, if available)
    • Organizer name and contact information (phone number, email address)

Event Flyer Submission Process