April 23, 2023


Today we had 12 GSRs, 3 Alternate GSRs, and 1 guests at the Workshop for a total of 16 in attendance. Our workshop today consisted of a panel discussion of some of the classic Conference approved AA books and one Grapevine publication. The books and reviewers were Pass It On / Tricia M, Dr. Bob and the Good Old Timers / Micah K, AA Comes of Age / David L and Language of the Heart / Sheila C and Joan L. The focus of the discussion was to learn what these books tell us about the early days, formation of traditions and our service structure as well how that informs us in our service roles now. We also had a brief presentation by Eliza D, co-chair of the BCIC Bridging the Gap Committee. She encouraged participation and gave her contact information: 954-649-3567. Next month in addition to the tradition of the month, we will have a presentation of “An Introduction to the Service Manual.” If anyone has a topic they feel would be helpful to discuss at the GSR Workshop, please contact me through our District 9 email gsrworkshop@district9aa.org.