District 9 General Service

Serving A.A. in Broward County, Florida

Proposed Motions

Motion to be voted on at the January 23, 2022 District 9 Business Meeting

That District 9 create the position of a Virtual Tech Coordinator to be appointed if needed by the District 9 Chairperson and fall under the category of an Appointed Service Activity Position. The Coordinator is to be a past or present trusted servant of General Service as a DCM, ACM or GSR and have knowledge of virtual platforms. Will have at least two years of continuous sobriety. The Coordinator will facilitate the set up of the monthly business meetings when they are conducted via a virtual platform and will also conduct other District 9 virtual events when needed. The Coordinator will have the opportunity to report at the monthly District meetings on their activities. This is a non-funded position for Area Assemblies and maintains no budget.

Respectfully Submitted by Current Practice Committee