District 9 General Service

Serving A.A. in Broward County, Florida

Support Your Services

What we do...

The Support Your Services Committee has 4 (four) functions per year with one to be a picnic held as close to June 10 each year and to be known as “The Annual Founder’s Day Picnic.” All events include an AA meeting. Typical events are listed below. All are encouraged to join and get involved. If you would like to join our committee or have any questions, please contact us anytime.


Did you know there are planning meetings for each event.  Anyone can volunteer to serve on a committee. This is where you will find Fellowship at its finest! Current Planning Meetings, with details, can be found here.  Want more details about current Events, click here. We hope you will join us!

Spring Fling Event

Our Spring Fling Event is held every March. Planning meetings usually start in January. 

Founder's Day Picnic

We are so grateful to our Founder’s Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob. Each year in June, we celebrate Founder’s Day with a Picnic.  Planning meetings usually start in April. 

Spagetti Dinner

Our Spagetti Dinner Event is held every September. Planning meeting usually start  in July.


Our famous end of year Winterfest event is held every December. Planning meetings usually start in October.