January 7th, 2024

Area 15 Assembly – Sarasota, FL – District 9 Chairperson Report

District 9 Chair’s Report

Happy New Year, Area 15, I am an alcoholic, member of the East Naple’s Men’s Group (which is neither

East or near Naples) and my name is Steve Ballinger. 

Our Former Chair, Sharon G. resigned in December, and as the elected Alternate Chair, I will serve as District Chair 

for the remainder of this Panel per District Guidelines. We thank Sharon for her service.

Thank you to District 4 for doing an outstanding job hosting this assembly and thank you to Dillon, Angie

and Bob for sharing their inspiring stories at the Friday and Saturday meetings.

Since the October Assembly our PI/CPC Committee presented to the Nurse Students at the North

Campus of Broward College. They also continue to hand out A.A. literature at the DUI Victim Impact

course hosted monthly by the Broward Safety Counsel. The District elected Gayle K. to the position of Treasurer in October. 

Also elected in October was Oscar R. to serve as our new PI/CPC Chair, and Marcy H. to serve as the Chair of our 

2024 Carry the Message Day event. Our Archives Chair John. S. was reelected for another one-year term and Trish C-K was

appointed to the position of GSR Coordinator for a second year.

In November, District 9 held, for the first time in three years, our Gratitude Dinner at First Baptist Fort

Lauderdale. It was a terrific event of 500 attendees, and many thanks to Debbie C., the co-chair, Kim C.,

the Secretary, Trish C-K., the program chair, as well as the 21 Committee Chairs and over 125 additional

volunteers. The event raised 0ver $6.050.00 for the General Service Board. We also had the pleasure of

visits from officers of Districts 8, 10 and 17.

In November, we elected a new Literature Chair, Jason E. and a Founder’s Day Picnic Chair, Roy W.

During this quarter, we have elected 5 new ADCMs, including Trish C-K, Melissa B., Kim C., Colin D. and

Shannon R. We elected one new DCM, Yvonne L. Our Website Committee, chaired by Micah K, 

has set up the Google workspace for the District, including creating a safe storage space for important 

documents. They have also prepared a six-video series on how to use Google Drive and Google Workspace, 

to train us on this platform. Thank you to all the area officers and the district 9 trusted servants for all their 

hard work in 2023, I am truly humbled by you all. 

As my favorite former District 9 Chair Leslie B. used to say at this Mic, the sun always shines in District nine.

In love and Service,

Steve Ballinger