December 17th, 2023

December 17, 2023. 

I’m an alcoholic, my home group is Into Action, my sobriety date is March 20, 1986

and my name is Sharon G. Thank you for being here as we learn and share on how we can best Carry

the Message in District 9, Broward County. In January, we will be in Sarasota for our Quarterly Assembly.

If you haven’t been able to reserve a room, please email to get on the wait list. If

at any time you reserve a room and cannot use it, please notify that same email address so that they can

transfer that room to someone on the wait list. If not we lose it. 

Our Area 15 Chair, Donna W, continues to host District Chairs and Alternate Chairs monthly and we last met 

on Thursday, December 14th. You have received an email from Donna W, Aea15 Chair. 

It was in regards to the July 2024 Quarterly Assembly. The contact at the Dadeland Marriott fell thru and the 

Quarterly Coordinator was working to find a another location. I do not know if that has been finalized. 

When something is announced it will be forwarded to you. It may be that another vote will take place at the upcoming

 January Assembly. 

An email was forwarded to you from the Area 15 Delegate. That included questions from the Trustees Literature

Committee as to how folks feel about changes to our literature written by the founders. I have no

additional information as to a deadline, where it should be sent, etc. It would be best to direct your

questions to Cary W, the Area 15 Delegate. Contact information is at and is also included in our District 9 minutes.

At this time, I am stepping away from the District 9 Chair position. Steve B will move from Alt Chair to

being your new Chair. We have been transitioning responsibilities and information. Thank you for the

privilege of serving you. Please have a safe and joyous holiday season and a Happy New Year. Thank

you for your service to Alcoholics Anonymous here in Broward County. Sharon G District 9 Chair.