I am an alcoholic, I’m a member of the Lunch Bunch Group, my sobriety date is February 26th, 2009, and my name is Sherri. 

I can hardly believe this is my last chair report, my time as chair and especially this year in general has gone by so fast! 

So, we now begin planning our new year, and to help you do that, your 2023 calendar has been confirmed and is posted on our amazing website so you can mark your calendars with meetings and assemblies. 

After I finish my report, and before Sharon begins her registrar report, she will give you an incoming chair report with some helpful information she and the next panel of officers have for moving forward. 

Important reminder that Area 15 will have a NEW mailing address starting January 1st. We will email that information out to you as soon as we have it, and it will also be posted on the Area 15 website as well. 

Your next Area Assembly is January 13th-15th at the Hyatt Regency in Sarasota. As always, the banquet committee needs your support, all the information is on the flyer. If we are out of flyers, you can always find it on the Area website at area15aa.org and the deadline for purchasing banquet tickets by mail is next Sunday, Christmas Day. 

If you haven’t reserved a room yet and need to be placed on the waitlist, or if you did reserve a room and need to transfer or cancel it, please only contact hotelinfo@area15aa.org . They will take care of anything you need done and will make sure we don’t lose the room from our room block. 

Never hesitate to send any of your Questions, comments, or concerns to: chairperson@district9aa.org we are here to serve you. 

I’d like to take a moment and read Bill W’s 1944 Christmas message: 

To all AA members: Greetings on our 10th Christmas, 1944. Yes, it’s in the air! The spirit of Christmas once more warms this poor distraught world. Over the whole globe millions are looking forward to that one day when strife can be forgotten, when it will be remembered that all human beings, even the least, are loved by God, when men will hope for the coming of the Prince of Peace as they never hoped before. But there is another world which is not poor. Neither is it distraught. It is the world of Alcoholics Anonymous, where thousands dwell happily and secure. Secure because each of us, in his own way, knows a greater power who is love, who is just, and who can be trusted. Nor can men and women of AA ever forget that only through suffering did they find enough humility to enter the portals of that New World. How privileged we are to understand so well the divine paradox that strength rises from weakness, that humiliation goes before resurrection; that pain is not only the price but the very touchstone of spiritual rebirth. Knowing its full worth and purpose, we can no longer fear adversity, we have found prosperity where there was poverty; peace and joy have sprung out of the very midst of chaos.

Great indeed our blessings! I thank you all for allowing me to serve District 9, Happy Holidays Everyone!