June 14, 2020

I am an alcoholic, member of the Live Laugh Love group, my sobriety date is July 13th, 2008 and my name is Leslie.   I am humbled to be serving as the Chair for District 9.  My prayers and well wishes go out to all of you.  Please keep safe.  NSU is still closed and we continue to use the Zoom platform until it is safe for us to meet in person with appropriate safeguards in place.  Last Sunday was our virtual Founders Day event.  Many thanks to Heather M. for putting this on.  We had a great speaker, Stephen R. from Tampa who presented a fabulous power point on the history of AA.  The event was well attended.  On June 20th, we will hold another great Zoom event, Carry the Message Day.  Debbie C.  will have more on that.  Our Gratitude Dinner chair, Joyce K. along with her officers and myself came to the very hard decision of postponing this year’s dinner.  With everything going on and the health and wellbeing of our members of the fellowship as our number one priority, the decision was made.  The work that was started this year will finish next year and we truly will have much to be grateful for.   

The Assembly in July at the Boca Raton Marriott is also going to be on Zoom.  Cary, our Area 15 chair held a meeting on June 8th, with all Area committee chairs and district chairs.  I shared the results of our poll we conducted last month and we are going virtual for July only.  All rooms for the Assembly were canceled by the hotel.  It will be a full schedule and I asked David to post the agenda with motions.  Please take a look and discuss with your groups on how to proceed on the motions.  If there any questions, I am always available along with all of District officers and ACM/DCMs.  The details with log in information will be sent out via email.  If you are not getting our blasts, please contact Jackie, our Recording Secretary.

I am very grateful to everyone at District 9 who go above and beyond when it comes to service.   I need everyone here, a reliance on a Power greater than myself and the love in these rooms.  And remember that the sun always shines in District 9.  In love and service, Leslie B. District 9 Chair.

If there are any questions, comments or you just want to say hi, my email is chairperson@district9aa.org.