January 24, 2021

Hello District 9! I am an alcoholic, member of the Good Morning God group, my sobriety date is

February 26th, 2009, my name is Sherri and it’s a great day to serve A.A.! I am extremely grateful,

honored and privileged that I get to represent this incredible District.

For anyone new here today, Welcome to General Service! We are so happy you are here! If you don’t

have an agenda, please check the chat for a link to todays agenda so you can follow along, it’s chock

full of information and you can use it to take notes to you can bring back to your groups.

A huge thank you to our outgoing Chair Leslie B. for helping me to get transitioned so smoothly and for

the awesome binder she made for me, with my name on it, which is going to be extremely helpful over

the next two years. She is quick to answer all my many questions, and promised to be right by my side

for the many more that are sure to come.

I’d like to introduce you to the rest of your panel 71 officers who will help guide the District for the next

two years: your Treasurer Jackie S., your Recording Secretary Bart C., and your Registrar Sharon G.

Your Dream Team!

As Chair I have the task of appointing a Current Practice Chair, which Leslie B. has graciously accepted

the position, and our GSR Workshop Coordinator, Elias has very willingly agreed to stay on another

year in that position. Also, an ADCM/DCM Workshop Coordinator and Assembly Chair is selected when

needed. Right now, the ADCM/DCM Workshop will be held and run by all the officers along with the

ADCMs/DCMs. We have not placed a bid to host an Assembly this year so there is no need to appoint

a chair.

To all our Committee Chairs new and old, thank you for your continued service, the District does not

operate very well without you all.

To our General Service Representatives (GSRs), Alternate General Service Representatives, (Alt.

GSRs) District Committee Members (DCMs), and Alternate District Committee Members (ADCMs), you

all make up the backbone of General Service, there is no District without you all and thank you does

not even come close to letting you know how extremely grateful we are that your here, helping us, to

help you, help your groups, we cannot do anything without you, so please keep coming back!

Such an incredible amount of support we had at the Assembly last weekend, with 30 voting members

present and many non-voting members there as well supporting us.

Bart has emailed the preliminary agenda items for this year’s General Service Conference.

Remember that these agenda items may change once the trustees meet at the end of January. The

final agenda will be out in a couple of weeks and then shortly after that the background material will

be sent and that’s when we will have some of our trusted servants review the material and present to

you a clearer understanding of what most of the items are about. We will likely have an abbreviated

March District Meeting, so we have enough time for presentations.

April’s Assembly dates are the 9th – 11th at the Marriott Hutchinson Island Beach Resort and the flyer

is posted on our website and also on the Area 15 website. They are asking for us to go ahead and

reserve our rooms. We are acting as if we will be meeting in person until we hear otherwise. There is

no penalty with this hotel if plans change and we decide to meet virtually. It’s also real important that

you attend as that is where our Delegate is going to be asking for our group conscience on how he

should represent us at the conference concerning those conference agenda items.

We will have elections today for the following committees: Archives, Grapevine, Carry the Message

Day, and Gratitude Dinner Chair. Support Your Services is also open but as we are still virtual until

June at least, we are reconfiguring this position and what would normally be our Spring Fling may be

something entirely different and virtual, more from our Virtual Tech Coordinator about that later.

We also have one motion on the agenda, please note that the motion will be read only so that you

have plenty of time to bring back to your groups so you can bring back your group conscience

decision next month when we will open the motion for discussion and vote.

Please don’t ever hesitate to send your comments, questions or concerns to any of us, we are here to

serve you. I can be reached by email at: chairperson@district9aa.org or by phone at: (954) 681-2309.

We are constantly reminded that we are not in charge, that we need to always work as one, for the

good of A.A. as a whole, like our Declaration of Unity states: “This we owe to A.A.’s future; to place our

common welfare first; to keep our Fellowship united. For on A.A. unity depend our lives, and the lives

of those to come.”

I wish you all an incredibly Happy, Healthy New Year!

In Humble Love & Service to you, District 9, where A.A. is Divine, Sherri