July 9th, 2023

I am an alcoholic, a member of the Spiritual Principles Group, my sobriety date is May 7, 1988, and my name is Trish. I am honored to serve as your GSR Workshop Coordinator. Today we had 12 GSRs, no Alternate GSRs, and 4 guests at the Workshop for a total of 16 in attendance. We began meeting with a review of the motions scheduled for the upcoming Area 15 Business Meeting. Sharon G. led the dialogue and answered many questions. We then reviewed the schedule and opportunities available at the Assembly in the days before the Business Meeting. Three of our guests were District 9 officers (Sharon G, Chair; Karen D, Recording Secretary; and Milinda B, Registrar) who shared their experiences related to joining a committee and taking on various roles in General Service. This led to a lively discussion of service opportunities. Then we began a review of service pamphlets which we will continue next month, especially A.A. Tradition: How it Developed by Bill W and The Twelve Concepts for World Service illustrated. It was a lively and informative meeting. If anyone has a topic that they feel would be helpful to discuss at the GSR
Workshop, please contact me through our District 9 email gsrworkshop@district9aa.org or by phone or text at 804-868-0052 .in love and service, Trish C-K