June 11, 2023

HAPPY FOUNDERS DAY WEEKEND!! I’m an alcoholic, Into Action is my home group,

my sobriety date is March 20,1986 and my name is Sharon G. Thank you for being here as we learn and

share on Carrying the Message in District 9 Broward County. June is a busy month, and your district

officers will not be meeting this month.

Some housekeeping information, we have acquired a new General Liability insurance policy at the cost of

$524 a year that covers our 12 monthly meetings here at The Sanctuary plus another four events. It is at

the levels required for locations such as City of Ft Lauderdale’s Snyder Park. As we continue to schedule

events such as Carry the Message, Early and Old Timers, etc we can add to it.

What beautiful weather and beautiful fellowship we had for our Founders Day picnic!! Thank you to Roy

and the committee plus all the very hardworking volunteers. We will have a report later in the meeting.We

are off to a great start with our Gratitude Dinner, two planning meetings filled with people wanting to sign

up. Steve B, our Gratitude Chair will have a report later in the meeting. 

Thank you to all that attended last month to hear our Area15 Delegate, Cary W, give her report as to what went on at the Annual General

Service Conference. She is available to answer questions either by phone or email. There is also more

detailed information available on the Area 15 website, at www.Area15aa.org. Steve, Alt Chair, and I are

invited to attend a monthly Zoom sharing session with other District Chairs and Alt Chairs with Donna W,

our Area 15 Chair. Steve was unable to attend this month, he was a little busy getting ready for

yesterday’s Gratitude Planning meeting. Just a reminder, we, District 9 officers, District 9 Committee

Chairs, ADCMs and DCMs, are here to serve the GSRs and the groups. Happy Father’s Day to all the

Dads. Again, thank you for being here and thank you for your service. Sharon G District 9 Chair.