I am an alcoholic, I’m a member of the Lunch Bunch Group, my sobriety date is February 26th, 2009, and my name is Sherri.

Founder’s Day!!!! Come on, what an awesome event!!!! Great job to Bobby, Steve and all the volunteers, but especially to all the members who came out to support the picnic. I’m not going to steal any of Bobby’s thunder, he will have all the details in his report!

Now, let’s keep all that enthusiasm up and focus on our September event, Carry the Message Day!!! Fritz will have all those details in his report.

Next month our delegate Tom will be here to give us a summary of what happened at the Conference. So, the business meeting will be abbreviated, meaning we will not hear committee reports but they will all appear in full in the minutes. We will still be having your DCM and GSR Workshops at the same times in the same place.

July Assembly flyers are on the table with all the details. If you haven’t reserved a room yet and still want to please contact hotelinfo@area15aa.org to be placed on the waitlist. If you did reserve a room and want to cancel it, or transfer to someone else please contact hotelinfo@area15aa.org so we don’t lose the room from our room block and it can be given to someone on the waitlist. Nearly every assembly, everyone on the waitlist gets a room, sometimes it is the week before or the week of, just have patience. Any GSR or Alternate GSR that will be attending in place of your GSR, that wishes to stay Saturday night only and is not funded by your group, please listen carefully to the Room & Ride Coordinators report. Since this assembly is right next door in Miami, you can always drive down early Sunday morning for the business meeting, but you must be in the room and signed in by 9:00am latest, 8:45 latest is preferred, to be counted for voting purposes. The committee is asking for your help with banquet tickets, please if you are able to support the banquet, get your tickets early. They have made it very easy to do via Venmo, but you can also mail a check and again all the details are on the flyer.

During unfinished business, we will have discussion on the motion that was presented last month by the Current practice committee and vote. It appears in full on your agenda along with the background.

We will also be conducting the usual elections for General Service Representatives and Alternate District Committee Members if there are any that are rotating down the service triangle, as well as election for an Intergroup Liaison.

Committee Chairs, I sent an email out to all of you asking if there was something your committee could use. That perhaps you have put off because it would go outside of your budgets? I have had only 2 responses. Please get us your requests before we make our next contributions to the GSO and Area 15.

Your 65th Florida State Convention is just 50 days away!!! August 3rd – 7th 2022. All the flyers for registering if you haven’t already, and for volunteering on various committees are on the back table.

Please, don’t hesitate to send your Questions, comments, or concerns to me at: chairperson@district9aa.org. You can also call or text me at: (954) 681-2309, I am here to serve you.

Grateful to be of service to District 9, where A.A. is so Divine. Thank you