March 19, 2023


I’m an alcoholic, Into Action is my home group, my sobriety date is March 20,1986 and my name is Sharon G. 

Thank you for your continued patience with our District 9 new officers and new committee chairs. We continue to move forward with be ongoing training and learning. Your district officers continue to meet monthly to better serve you. Steve, Alt Chair, and I are meeting monthly with other District Chairs and Alt Chairs with Donna W, our Area 15 Chair. Our 501c3 is still progressing, we are waiting for final documentation from the IRS and Florida Department of Revenue.

It’s General Service Conference Agenda time. We will be presenting information on some of the items later today. You can take that information back to your groups. For those that are new to General Service this is the time we receive the final Conference agenda items and the background info for those items. These items originate from individuals in the fellowship as well as groups, districts and areas, addressing a multitude of topics. The goal of presenting and discussing these items is to eventually let our Area 15 delegate know how your group feels about them. That way she, Cary W, carries our voices to the Panel 73 General Service Conference held in New York in April. Today we will have very few reports so we can focus on the items. Our Area 15 Delegate, Cary W, will be hosting several virtual presentations providing us with background and getting some perspective on them. The virtual presentations start this Wednesday, the 22nd. The schedule is on the table. This information with links to the background information has been emailed out. information on how to access the background info that is posted to the
Area 5 website. I have also printed out instructions which are on the table. Please make sure we have your correct email and that you check it on a regular basis as this is our main way of communicating to you.

We are co-hosting the April Quarterly Assembly in Boca Raton with District 8, April 14-16, 2023. Volunteers are needed! Especially we need greeters! There is a flyer on the table with a QR code to sign up to volunteer. A walk thru at the Boca Raton Marriott will be April 1st. The next planning meeting is 2pm Saturday April 8th at the Delray Central House. At this time there are no rooms available. Any cancellations, transfers of rooms or to get on the wait list should be directed to

Our priority, the officers, is to get back on track with District 9 events. More information with that we will be discussed later in the meeting.

Sharon G District 9 Chair 954-560-1880