Good afternoon District 9, I am an alcoholic, I’m a member of the Lunch Bunch Group, my sobriety

date is February 26th, 2009, and my name is Sherri.

Welcome to District 9’s LAST (hopefully) virtual monthly General Service Business Meeting. If you are new and not yet on our mailing list, please check the chat for a link to today’s agenda. It has all the officer’s email addresses on it should you need to contact us.

I would like to thank all the members of the Site Selection Committee. We will begin meeting in person starting next month, April 24th at The Sanctuary Church located at 1400 N. Federal Hwy in Ft Lauderdale. We will keep the same time schedule as we have been: ADCM’s & DCM’s will meet at 12:00 in Room #105. GSR Workshop will join them in the same room starting at 12:30 and then the business meeting will begin at 2:00 in the Fellowship Hall. Both meeting spaces are costing $150.00 per month which is the same as we were paying to use the facilities at Nova except that here, we are not required to carry liability insurance. I signed an agreement with the church for all our remaining business meeting dates for this year. This does not include any space for events. We are still looking into other venues for possible future events

Today is not our usual format as we did not have a workshop prior to this meeting as we wanted you all bright eyed and bushy tailed. Also, today we will have an abbreviated agenda to insure we have plenty of time to cover the Conference Agenda Items. We will hear verbal reports from just 1 or 2 committees, the rest will appear in full in our minutes.

The General Service Conference is being held this year from April 24th – 30th. Again, if you’re new, please check the chat for a document that will help answer some questions you may have about what a conference is and also another that explains How the Conference Operates.

April’s General Service Quarterly Assembly dates are the 8th – 10th at the Boca Town Center Marriott. I will not be attending as my sister’s wedding is that weekend. Feel free to get ahold of any of the other officers, ADCM’s, DCM’s or committees chairs if you need any help or have any questions. The flyer is posted on our website and the Area 15 website. I’m sure Debbie has also put it in the chat. IMPORTANT, if you have a room and need to cancel it or want to give it to someone else, please use the email: so we do not lose the room. If you are going and can financially support the banquet, please purchase your banquet tickets as soon as you can, the banquet Chair would very much appreciate the help. District 8 has made this very easy by accepting Venmo payments, all the information is on the flyer. It’s very important that you attend as April is where our Delegate is going to be asking for our group conscience on how he should represent us at the conference concerning the conference agenda items we will be going over today.



We have many exciting things being planned for this year. An updated district calendar was sent out and also appears on our website at The Archives committee is working hard at trying to secure a venue for an Old Timer’s Meeting, Founder’s Day Picnic planning meetings will begin soon and also Carry the Message Day venue has been secured. Bobby will have a report today and the others will be in the minutes, so keep your eye on your emails!

We will be conducting elections today for General Service Representatives, Alternate District Committee Members, a Literature Chair, an Intergroup Liaison, and a Room & Ride Coordinator. A summary of the process along with descriptions and requirements will be put in the chat. If you are willing, meet the requirements, and have the time to serve one of these committees, please think about standing. Seeing as the first quarter will be over soon, I will be presenting the literature, Intergroup Liaison and Room & Ride committees as gap year terms, this means you would just serve the remaining part of this year, and should you wish to stand for a full two year term you may do so in October when we present the rest of the elections.

The 65th Florida State Convention, at the Harbor Beach Marriott on Ft Lauderdale Beach will be from August 3rd – 7th 2022. To register and sign up to volunteer go to:

Please don’t hesitate to send your Questions, comments, or concerns to me at: You can also call or text me at: (954) 681-2309, I am here to serve you.

Grateful to be serving District 9, where A.A. is so Divine. Thank you