November 19th, 2023


We began this month GSR Workshop by reviewing the Guidelines and Job Description for the 2 Elections to be held in the Unfinished Business section of the November 19th agenda. Click here to review the agenda.

For the Literature Committee Chair Position:

A.A. members who are past or present DCMs, ACMs, GSRs or Alternate GSRs in District 9 and have service
experience described for the positions may stand as eligible.

Literature: Committee chairperson should have at least five years of continuous sobriety and is a past or present
DCM, ACM, or GSR. (For Literature Committee Guidelines see Appendix J, page 17)

The guidelines for the Literature Committee are described in Appendix J, page 17. Here

We also spoke about the process for how to get a piece of literature conference approved. 

Click here for the Conference-Approved Literature service material

The Founder’s Day Chair suggested requirements and description can be found in the District 9 Guidelines under the Support Your Services position, on page 15. Here.
Next, we discussed the upcoming 2024 Budget Review. 
Click here for the Area 15 Proposed 2024 (including changes made at October Quarterly) 
Area 15 Finance Committee will be hosting a virtual review of this budget, information can be found on the District 9 and Area 15 Events Calendars, please click here.