August 22, 2021

Good afternoon, I am an alcoholic, a member of the Lunch Bunch Group in Plantation, my sobriety date is February 26th, 2009, and my name is Sherri.

Welcome to District 9’s monthly General Service Business Meeting. If you are new here today and not yet on our mailing list, please check the chat for a link to today’s agenda so you can follow along.

Also, if you are new and don’t know yet, just prior to this meeting we have a Workshop. At this time, it is combined, having GSR’s and District Committee Members together. This month we highlighted the GSR Reference Guide found on our website as well as go over upcoming Area motions and give Committee Members and GSR’s a chance to interact with each other.

How about that Carry the Message Day on August 14th???? Adie and the rest of the committee did an amazing job of showing how we can carry the message to everyone, along with Broward County Intergroup and Broward County Institutions Committee. Very informative.

July’s Area 15 General Service Assembly was extremely well attended by you fellow District 9 trusted servants!!!! 38 voting members present. Well done, thank you for suiting up and showing up!

Many of you might be wondering about our next Area 15 Assembly, October 8th – 10th at the Tampa Airport Marriott. Under new business on today’s agenda, we will be taking a poll, there will be only two choices at this time, to attend fully in person or fully virtual. Our Area Quarterly Coordinator Chairperson spoke with the Tampa Airport Marriott Hotel and at this time the hotel wants in person attendance and is not looking at helping us cancel or move the contract out a year without stiff penalties. They are however willing to write an addendum waiving the room attrition and the F&B minimum requirement. This would mean we wouldn’t have to worry about how many rooms are booked and how many banquet tickets are sold. The poll results from today will be forwarded to the Area Chair and calculated with all the other Districts in the Area to see what if anything they can do further. More will be revealed.

The October Assembly agenda is out with 3 motions being considered, please bring them back to your groups business meetings so you can bring your groups voice with you in October. You can find a link to the agenda in the chat and on our amazing website

The 71st General Service Conference Final Reports were emailed out, and they can be found on your Area website under the Delegates Corner, password protected, password is area15aa.

We will hold district elections later for General Service Representatives and Alternate District Committee Members if there are any, that have completed their two year term and are ready to rotate down the service triangle.

Please don’t hesitate to send your comments, questions, or concerns to any of us, we are here to serve you. I can be reached by email at: or by phone at: (954) 681-2309.

As always, I want to Thank you all for your service. I’m incredibly grateful to serve District 9, where A.A. is Divine.